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Does a Privacy Fence Add Value to a Home?

Deciding on what home projects to tackle can be a daunting task and adding a privacy fence can be among the list. As with any home improvement project there is a return on investment that each homeowner desires. While there are numerous reasons why someone would want to add a privacy fence to their home, ranging from safety, privacy, esthetics, and more… A big question is, does adding a privacy fence actually add value to my home? Does a privacy fence play into a buyer’s reasons for purchase? Will adding a privacy fence to your home make your home easier to sell?

Although there are many factors that add into the value of a home, a fence will definitely increase the marketability of a property. Privacy fences are a coveted feature for many home buyers and therefore, will substantially impact the amount of traffic that your home could get while on the market. Fences tend to be a preferable amenity, adding privacy to your home, curb appeal, safety for children or pets, and the list goes on. The fact is, buyers place value in privacy fences when looking at homes. The additional privacy, safety, and charm that a beautiful privacy fence offers is a guaranteed game changer. 

When looking at privacy fences for your home, there are several options to choose from. When choosing a privacy fence for your home you’ll want to consider your location. Are there heavy winds and rain to consider? Are you trying to keep an animal in or out of said fence? Do you want complete or partial privacy? We’d ask that you considering these things when looking at they following options:

  • Wood: Moderately priced and good for privacy
  • Vinyl: Expensive, decorative, and low maintenance
  • Aluminum: Expensive, low maintenance
  • Wrought iron: Expensive, decorative, and higher maintenance

For example, our popular white vinyl fences are an incredibly durable, low maintenance, and beautiful option for total privacy. 

A privacy fence for your home is an investment worth making. Allowing Big Sun Fencing to embark on this fencing journey with you will allow you to not only better enjoy your home with the additional landscaping and curb appeal that a fence provides, but will also help your home feel safer, quieter, more peaceful, and give you more privacy in your own backyard. So, you won’t only have the added benefit of increased marketability for your home, but you’ll also enjoy your home more while you’re living in it. 

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