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When you’re looking to build a vinyl fence, the process of finding a trusted provider can be troubling. Luckily, Big Sun Fencing has your back with a wide variety of trusted products and services to meet your exact needs.

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At Big Sun Fencing, we’ve partnered with a multitude of trusted vinyl fencing providers to give you the widest choice of high-quality vinyl around. We put a huge amount of trust into Bufftech Allegheny vinyl fence panels, which offer a unique style and patented design to give your fence a look unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in vinyl fencing.

Bufftech Allegheny vinyl fences use Bufftech’s patented design to give vinyl a realistic stone appearance, combining the durability and lifespan of vinyl with the aesthetics of bold stone. The Allegheny fence panels are of the highest-quality vinyl on the market, with a fade-protection made to last for 15 years, and they are impact-resistant for even the toughest of environmental factors. They can also add to the privacy of your space by creating a sound barrier, making your yard feel much more like yours.

Bufftech’s fencing is tested to the highest standard, making it not only compliant with building codes but ensuring that it goes above and beyond. Their fences meet the strict ASTM standards and are built to last you for years to come, with an amazing limited lifetime warranty to follow through on that promise.

Bufftech Allegheny vinyl fence panels are available in five different colors to match the vibe of your backyard or outdoor space, no matter what it may be. They also come in varying heights and panel sizes to customize to your heart’s content! You’ll be sure to be satisfied with the options and quality of your fence from Bufftech with installation from Big Sun Fencing.

Bufftech Allegheny Vinyl Fence Panels

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If you’re looking into installing a fashionable, secure fence from Bufftech, look no further than the experts at Big Sun Fencing! We offer rapid turnaround and a cost-effective service that puts you, the customer, at the forefront. We specialize in many different types of fencing, and we can service your commercial area or gate system with swift, easy care.

Ready to take the next step and install your Bufftech Allegheny vinyl fence today? Contact us now to get started with the fencing of your dreams!

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