What’s the difference between aluminum and vinyl fencing?

When thinking of fencing, the first place many people’s minds travel to is a wood fence or a chain-link fence. However, there are two other options—aluminum fencing and vinyl fencing—that can be much more effective, stylish, and resilient. But what is the difference between these two kinds of fencing in particular?

Let’s start by talking about aluminum fencing. Aluminum fencing is a good option if you are looking for a sleek, modern design. These kinds of fences are also great if you’re looking for a design that mimics a wrought-iron fence without breaking the bank for it. They also tend to be less expensive than vinyl fencing, depending on the style.

Aluminum fencing is also incredibly easy to maintain. It’s easy to clean—just spray it with a hose and any visible dirt or debris will come right off. It may do the fence well to clean it once or twice a year with some soap and water, but rinsing it off is an easy fix and can keep your fencing looking sleek. Aluminum fences, unlike other kinds of metal fences, are resistant to rust, and they are also incredibly durable in many kinds of weather. 

However, any kind of fencing has its few downsides. Aluminum fencing can look very sleek and clean, but in most cases it does not offer much privacy—these kinds of fences are usually very easy to see through. Aluminum fencing installation is also a complicated process, involving a few days of work because aluminum fences are anchored in concrete. If the aluminum fencing look is the one for you, though, it’s absolutely worth it!

As for vinyl fencing, it’s the style to choose if you are searching for a fence that is modern but can also have the appearance of a more traditional fence. These fences are very customizable, with many design options from tall privacy fences to fences that appear to be made out of wood. They are, similarly to aluminum fences, very easy to clean. They can simply be hosed down, do not need to be painted, and are overall low maintenance.

Vinyl fencing is also very resistant to the damages that come with the passage of time. Vinyl fencing doesn’t rot or splinter like wood fencing, and it doesn’t rust like most metal fences do. They are good for privacy, as they tend to be solid panels. Vinyl fencing installation is also a very easy process; it takes less than a day because the pieces can just snap into place.

Vinyl fencing isn’t without its faults, though. It can be a very costly method of fencing, in part because of its customizability, but it also depends on the needs of the client. Repairing a vinyl fence can be quite expensive in itself, too. These kinds of fences are also susceptible to damage from extreme weather events because they are very lightweight. This can, however, also work to its advantage. All in all, vinyl fencing can be worth these costs, though!Both aluminum and vinyl fencing have their upsides and downsides. Regardless of your preference, know that you can count on us at Big Sun Fencing for your fencing installation needs. Have any more questions? Make sure to contact us for the information you may need to complete your next residential, commercial, or industrial project!

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